Monday, March 19, 2007

Ice Ice Maybe?

This Wednesday, Dunkin Donuts is holding their first-ever, nationwide "Free Iced Coffee Day." As I like to say, if it's free it's for me! Too bad we have enough snow now to make our own iced coffees, but I'll still be taking advantage.

So, to promote the event, Dunkin Donuts is bringing one-hit wonder rapper Vanilla Ice to Copley Square Park tomorrow. Before I saw his whining, pathetic D-lister ways on the Surreal Life, I might actually be interested in checking it out. He will be the special judge in a karaoke contest that invites anyone to make sing his hit, "Ice Ice Baby," in honor of the iced-coffee. The only catch is the contestants have to use the words Dunkin Iced Coffee in their lyrics.

Winners actually win awesome prizes- a year's worth of iced coffee, along with $1,000 and the Nintendo Wii. Even with brain freeze contestants are more likely to have more talent than Ice ever did..

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